Yesica & Francisco // Eres la Poesía // Wedding

Yesica and Francisco had one of the most beautiful weddings I've been to! 

It was a glorious Summer day and everything looked exceptional. It was an outdoor celebration where both ceremony and reception were held in front of the beach at the town of Rincon, Puerto Rico.

There was a sense of unity and love that you could feel during the whole day. They put so much thought on their wedding day with all the unique details of the decor and personal touches from their family. Just to mention a few... Yesica's dress as well as her sister (maid of honor) and mom's were handmade by her grandmother (she also made the cake, talk about talent!) Without forgetting that both of her grandmothers were the flower girls (best idea ever). They created a rose petal pathway for their granddaughter to walk too, it was just breathtaking!

Seeing her whole family walking her down the Isle was another incredible moment and the vows brought tears to my eyes. I can keep writing about all the things that made this wedding so spectacular but I hope the photos can tell the story! Forever grateful for being part of such an epic love story!

Hope it inspires, Nydia